Out With 2016 & In With 2017

A few thoughts to help start 2017 off right!

As we wind down the year and get ready to start thinking about what 2017 will hold - one if the hottest topics is New Year's Resolutions.
Personally, I tried for a long time to steer clear of these because of all the stats that followed about how over 90% of them had been abandoned before the end of January.

And honestly, Who wants to be a failure!?!  Not me, so why "set myself up to fail?" that's so unmotivating!

Over time, I've grown up in my thinking a bit . . . and what I'm sharing here has really helped me change my perspective on this idea.

1 - Set goals! - not too many, and some big and some small - but set some!

2 - Spend a little time reflecting on some of the thinks you are pleased with from 2016, things you did or accomplished.  Pat yourself on the back, be proud (no matter how small it was) and enjoy those feelings of accomplishment.

3 - Think about what you want (or want to accomplish). Really, don't be shy, what is it?  

OK, Go ahead and WRITE IT DOWN! (and put a date on it...when this will be accomplished by) - I won't get into all the phycoligy behind this, but just trust me, there is more value in this step than you would think!

4 - Create a plan - Now work backwards, find out from someone who has achieved what you are hoping to what they did to get there & create a plan that will get you there too! (this can be someone you know, or though a book, or many other sources)...

5 - Get accountable - Tell someone!  But make sure it will be someone who will support you . . . not the "neigh sayer" type (unless you know that the "I told you so" moment will really get you going)  But keeping this positive will go a long way.  We need to hear that whole, "you can do it!" and this can go a long long way on our journey!

6 - Now GET TO WORK! - no amount of goal setting and strategy will get you to where you want to go without MASSIVE ACTION!!! go get busy!!! 

Wishing you the best year yet in 2017!!!


Jeff Bannan 

Posted on December 31, 2016 .